Parking zones Amsterdam map

Amsterdam parking zones map. Parking zones Amsterdam map (Netherlands) to print. Parking zones Amsterdam map (Netherlands) to download. In Amsterdam areas where paid parking is not (as yet) in force, you may find there is a Blue Zone as its shown in parking zones Amsterdam map. Within these parking zones of Amsterdam you are only permitted to park for short periods of time by clearly displaying a blue parking disc. You can buy them at large department stores and filling stations. Before leaving your vehicle, mark your time of arrival on the blue parking disc. You can recognise a blue zone as they are designated by a nearby road sign. On this sign you can see the maximum parking time permitted, as well as any additional conditions, such as specific hours during the day.

Amsterdam parking zones map

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10-cent zones are indicated by special road signs as its mentioned in parking zones Amsterdam map. There are signs at the start and end of the parking zone. You are allowed to park there once a day, for a maximum of three or four hours. The rate of 10 cents only applies at certain times of day. Look for the exact locations and the hours it is available on the Amsterdam map. Outside of these periods you must pay the normal parking rate applicable in that street.