Amsterdam sprinter map

Map of Amsterdam sprinter. Amsterdam sprinter map (Netherlands) to print. Amsterdam sprinter map (Netherlands) to download. Intercity trains are are fast domestic train services which make limited stops between the major centres as its shown in Amsterdam sprinter map. While Sprinter Services are slower stopping train services which generally make stops at all stations between cities in Amsterdam. There are 4 types of Sprinter trains which are used on regional routes as stopping trains. There are 2 old versions wich are Sprinter Light Train (SLT) and Stadsgewestelijk Materieel (SGM) and there are 2 newer versions of the Sprinter trains, the so-called Sprinter New Generation (SNG) trains (also known as Caf/Civity) and a variant called Stadler/Flirt.

Map of Amsterdam sprinter

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Sprinter train seats are in a 2-2 open-cabin configuration – there are no doors separating each carriage as its shown in Amsterdam sprinter map. The seating is a mix of directional airline-style and group-facing seats. There are also pull-down seats near the doors and also in the bicycle compartment (14 seats) which is handy for those with large cases, wheelchairs and strollers. There is a reasonable space for luggage in the overhead racks on the standard seats of Amsterdam sprinter. A small red 1st class section is found at each end but seats are the same as in 2nd class.