Amsterdam neighborhood map

Neighborhoods in Amsterdam map. Amsterdam neighborhood map (Netherlands) to print. Amsterdam neighborhood map (Netherlands) to download. Each district in Amsterdam is divided into neighbourhoods. Amsterdam has 26 neighbourhoods in total, each with its own character (as its shown in Amsterdam neighborhood map). Each neighbourhood in Amsterdam has an area support team that you can go to if you have questions, concerns or ideas for your neighbourhood. For each neighbourhood an independent area plan is made every year. Take time to discover the city hidden treasures in Amsterdam neighbourhoods. Whether you are looking for modern architecture, a cultural hot spot, an active excursion or an off-the-beaten-track cycling tour, there is something for everyone.

Neighborhoods in Amsterdam map

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Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city with a village feel, thanks to its 17th-century UNESCO-protected waterways and striking canal houses. Each neighborhood of Amsterdam has its own character and charm, and its own unique variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, museums and attractions as its shown in Amsterdam neighborhood map. But to truly get to know Amsterdam, you should take the time to explore some of the different neighbourhoods, each with its own unique charm, that piece together to create this characterful city. From bustling De Wallen to uber-cool De Pijp, these are the neighbourhoods to visit in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam has a whole host of unique neighborhoods spread out across the city seven districts as its mentioned in Amsterdam neighborhood map. Getting to grips with what each neighborhood offers can be challenging for expats. At the historic core of Amsterdam sits the ever-bustling neighborhood of De Wallen. The neighborhood is a captivating maze of canals and narrow streets that criss-cross the wider Amsterdam Centrum district. De Wallen is also home to Amsterdam infamous Red Light District.