Amsterdam rivers map

Map of Amsterdam rivers. Amsterdam rivers map (Netherlands) to print. Amsterdam rivers map (Netherlands) to download. The Amstel river is located in the peat-covered coastal plain of the Netherlands and gives Amsterdam its name (Amstel dam) as its shown in Amsterdam rivers map. Amsterdam river is a small secondary branch of the repeatedly bifurcating Rhine delta system. Historically, the Amsterdam Amstel river debouched into the peat-fringed former Oer-IJ estuary, which was connected to the North Sea, but after the closure of this inlet the estuary was transformed into an inland sea (IJ) due to erosion of the adjacent peat.

Map of Amsterdam rivers

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The Amsterdam river originally began where two smaller rivers, the Drecht and Kromme Mijdrecht, joined together, a little south of Uithoorn as its mentioned in Amsterdam rivers map. After the construction of a canal, the Amstel-Drecht Kanaal, the river (including the canal) now begins where the Drecht and another canal, the Aarkanaal, meet one another, near the town of Nieuwveen. Tributary rivers are the Kromme Mijdrecht, Bullewijk and Waver.