Amsterdam city map

City of Amsterdam map. Amsterdam city map (Netherlands) to print. Amsterdam city map (Netherlands) to download. Look just around the corner and there is so much more waiting to be explored. A visit to one of the extraordinary districts around the centre of Amsterdam city is certainly something not to be missed. Each area of Amsterdam city has its own character, quirky shops, annual cultural festivals and top restaurants as you can see in Amsterdam city map. Whether you are looking for modern architecture, a cultural hot spot, an active excursion or an off-the-beaten-track cycling tour, there is something for everyone. Browse the below resources and the neighbourhood guide to discover a different side of Amsterdam.

City of Amsterdam map

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Amsterdam city is divided into seven districts, each with its own District Committee as you can see in Amsterdam city map. Districts are responsible for carrying out municipal tasks, such as work in public spaces and cleaning. The committees of Amsterdam city also adapt the plans of the College of Mayor and Alderpersons and City Council, because each area has its own needs and issues.
Major physical change came again to the cityscape in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as its shown in Amsterdam city map, when the booming colonial trade fueled industrialization and the expansion of Amsterdam city population. For example, new inexpensive residential, commercial, and industrial construction filled De Pijp, a neighbourhood in the southern part of Amsterdam, and workers crowded into the older buildings of the Jordaan in the west.
Amsterdam is more than just canals as its shown in Amsterdam city map. Go off the beaten track and discover the real Amsterdam in one of the typical districts or neighborhoods outside the city center. Each neighborhood of Amsterdam has its own charm and appearance with great places for shopping, eating, and accommodation.