Amsterdam 3d map

Map of Amsterdam 3d. Amsterdam 3d map (Netherlands) to print. Amsterdam 3d map (Netherlands) to download. It is not for nothing that Amsterdam is nicknamed the "Venice of the North". Capital of the Netherlands, the small 3d green city has traded the large, noisy avenues for the calm of the long canals for unequal charm as its shown in Amsterdam 3d map. A city of diversity and multiculturalism, Amsterdam is also the heart of Dutch culture. Thanks to its many museums, its rich history and its many modern infrastructures, it embodies both the Holland of yesteryear and the trendy metropolis of today.
Amsterdam canals, symbols of the city and its riches as its mentioned in Amsterdam 3d map, integrate the essentials of travel as they are part of the everyday life of the locals. Witnesses of history, faces of a heritage, they offer a real cultural journey through time. Exploring the city on the water during a cruise therefore promises to discover Amsterdam from another 3d angle and to enjoy a heritage in its own right.