Amsterdam zoo map

Map of Amsterdam zoo. Amsterdam zoo map (Netherlands) to print. Amsterdam zoo map (Netherlands) to download. Explore the world deserts, rainforests and oceans: in Burgers Zoo as you can see in Amsterdam zoo map, the animals live in their natural habitats, and that makes for a wonderful experience. Sharks, tigers, snakes: you’ve never seen them this way in a zoo before. When Johan Burgers opened his zoo in 1913, he wanted to do something different. Instead of presenting animals in cages, he wanted to show them in their natural habitat. A hundred years later Burgers Zoo still doesnt present animals to you in the traditional way. You have to enter their habitat.

Map of Amsterdam zoo

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Gaia Zoo Zuid-Limburg as its mentionedin Amsterdam zoo map is one of the most beautiful, and perhaps even the most beautiful, zoo in the Benelux. The Gaia ZOO theory behind the zoo is that the earth works as one super-organism. The zoo of Amstrdam has won many awards, which prove that the GaiaZOO succeeds in creating its own well-balanced ecosystem.
Founded in 1838, Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam as its mentioned in Amsterdam zoo map is home to 750 species of animals, including zebras, giraffes, elephants and chimpanzees in recreated natural habitats. Beautiful gardens house hundreds of species of trees and endless plants and flowers that blossom every spring and summer. A visit to Amsterdam zoo is a fantastic day out for young and old alike.