Amsterdam street art map

Street art Amsterdam map. Amsterdam street art map (Netherlands) to print. Amsterdam street art map (Netherlands) to download. You will find the largest image of Anne Frank in Amsterdam, possibly the world, on the wall of the Welding Shed at NDSM. Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra transformed the empty wall into a vibrant mural using more than 450 spray cans and 35 litres of paint as its shown in Amsterdam street art map. What a spectacular result. A copycat artist called AmsterInvader came along in 2005 and placed 145 Space Invaders throughout Amsterdam, with some in other Dutch cities like Groningen and Rotterdam, so many of the invaders you spot now will probably be his.

Street art Amsterdam map

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Naturally our capital must be included in the list of Street Art cities as its mentioned in Amsterdam street art map. The Moco museum offers a virtual tour with a large number of Banksys. There is also a Street Art Museum. They organize tours to see international works of art in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. In Amsterdam-Noord, the NDSM-werf is a real hotspot for outdoor and street artists. On Trompettersteeg, known as Amsterdam’s narrowest alleyway, you will find street art with a message. Initiated by Rondom de Oudekerk, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Street Art Foundation, the #nofuckingphotos campaign was started.
Another defining characteristic of the Dutch capital is its street art as you can see in Amsterdam street art map. Explore beyond the confines of the immediate city center of Amsterdam, and you will find random letters scrawled across brand new bridges and walls along the highway painted in vibrant colors.. On the side of NDSM, next to the Roest café, behind Flevopark at the level of a rather gigantic ramp. You will also find artworks in the Pijp or in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam.