Schiphol gate map

Map of schiphol airport gates. Schiphol gate map (Netherlands) to print. Schiphol gate map (Netherlands) to download. In principle, however, the assistant will escort you directly to the gate and say goodbye to you there as its mentioned in schiphol gate map. The assistant of schiphol will either wait with you in the gate or come back later to help you board. We will do our best to ensure you can board first. Once on board, the flight attendants of schiphol will take over from us and provide you with further assistance.

Map of schiphol airport gates

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Not all gates in schiphol gate map are linked to the aircraft via a passenger bridge. At some locations, you must ride a bus to the aircraft. If you are able to climb stairs, you will simply board the bus with the other passengers. The bus of schiphol will then transport you to the aircraft. If you are unable to climb stairs, it is not a problem. We will use our wheelchair bus to transport you to the aircraft. We can help you board the plane with a stair climber, too.
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol departures should also regularly check the flight information screens prior to heading for the gate as its shown in schiphol gate map, in case there has been a last minute change for operations reasons. The gate numbers in schiphol for these particular gates H and M are announced at least 40 minutes prior to boarding. As the schiphol airport is a large one, passengers should head straight away to their departure gate.