Schiphol airport shops map

Amsterdam airport shopping map. Schiphol airport shops map (Netherlands) to print. Schiphol airport shops map (Netherlands) to download. In Schiphol Plaza, you can even go shopping if you are not a passenger. You will find fashion stores and delicatessens, flower and jewelry stores, and even a shoe repairer and a drugstore as its shown in schiphol airport shops map. And best of all: the stores in schiphol airport are open morning to night, from 7 AM to 10 PM. Schiphol plaza is also ideal for buying perfume, cosmetics, souvenirs, tobacco, wine, liquor, chocolate, designer clothes, handbags, practical utensils and devices for your trip, and Dutch souvenirs.

Amsterdam airport shopping map

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Schiphol is an airport and a shopping mall rolled-up into one as its mentioned in schiphol airport shops map. It is quite similar to the experience of being in a shopping mall, but with some key differences. Schiphol never sleeps and the shops at the airport have ample opening hours. The shops after security in schiphol airport are opened from one and a half to one hour before departure of the first flight. And they only close thirty minutes before departure of the last flight of the day.